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Loving doctors hope to adopt an infant.

Ken thoughts about Rossi:

Thank you again.

We are so grateful that you would consider us to be the adoptive parents of your child. We would be honored to give your child all of our love, support, financial security and opportunities.

We cannot tell you how much we respect you and your decision. We can only imagine how difficult this must be for you, and we would love to be here for you to help and support you. We really admire your strength and courage.

We love to hear from you so please call us….

You're also welcome to call our experienced adoption attorney 7 days a week.

Love, Rossi and Ken

So you know where we came from: 

Rossi’s childhood: I grew up in communist Bulgaria in the family of two loving parents. My father was an artist, and my mom was a midwife nurse. My childhood was wonderful. Education was highly valued, and it was safe and very little crime.

I loved to play the piano, read and ride my bicycle. I decided to go to medical school after graduating from high school and become a doctor so I can help people.

Later, my brother followed my footsteps and became an orthopedic surgeon. His older daughter became also a doctor, an endocrinologist. His younger daughter decided to try something different and is an architect.

I immigrated to the US and worked very hard taking many exams to become a doctor in the US and to specialize to be a pathologist.

Call/text 1-800-669-271-9091

Call/text 1-800-669-271-9091

Our Gratitude For You

We are so grateful that you would consider us to be the adoptive parents of your baby. We would be honored to give your baby all of our stability, energy, support, and good fortune. Most importantly we have a tremendous amount of love to give and an extended family to do the same.

We cannot tell you how much we respect your position and would never pretend to know what you are going through. We can only imagine how difficult this process is for you, and we would love to be here for you to help and support you. We really admire your strength and courage in this search for the best parents for your baby. We realize we are incredibly blessed and fortunate and feel completely ready to become new parents together and to focus all of our love and attention on your baby.

We both have amazing family and friends, traditions and holidays, and want to give all of this to your baby.

How we plan to raise your child

Ken just stopped working and plans to make your child his number one priority. He has been very successful raising his three children and Nicky, enjoyed every moment of raising them all, and is now ready to bring out the best and most in your precious baby.

Education has been very important in our lives and given us all wonderful opportunities. We plan to do everything possible to allow your child to get the best education. We have no problem hiring professional help if we feel the need or if the child’s school teachers or counselors feel it necessary. We are very successful parents and we would love your baby to benefit from our extensive experience raising children.  

If your baby has any talents which she or he would like to pursue there is no limit to the effort we would go to encourage this talent to flourish.

Most importantly we want your baby to feel warmly loved and protected and to be a part of the sincere love we have for each other. Ken’s children all feel, like we do, that raising their children is their most important responsibility. Your baby will be a part of this true family spirit.

Hello, we are Rossi and Ken. We are both very successful doctors but our greatest achievement has been being a Mom and Dad. We love children and would be thrilled to adopt your baby and make your baby our number one priority. We are not able to have more children but we have a wonderful life that we would provide for a baby.

Ken is an accomplished surgeon but he stopped practicing so he can be a stay-at-home dad. Rossi is a very well-known skin pathologist with an established career so she does not need to work much and has complete flexibility to be a very involved and present mom. We have been married for about 14 happy years, love each other immensely and have a big beautiful home that we would love to fill with your baby’s laughter. Please consider us to raise your precious baby as you make this most generous decision for a couple who is not able to have more children. We promise you that we will be completely committed to and nurture your baby and will provide the best education whether he or she grows up to want to become a doctor or lawyer, artist or musician, carpenter or painter, or anything else.

Ken’s childhood: I grew up in Brooklyn, NY, the only son of two loving parents. We lived in an apartment building in the Bedford Stuyvesant section, which was very crowded, but I had a very fun childhood being with friends most of the time. I loved sports and I was almost always able to find a group of kids willing to make a competition out of something. Neighborhood life was very important and there was trust and safety then.

I was a good student going to college, dental school, and residency. I always had a lot of fun and friends. I never had a serious girlfriend until dental school. I was skinny when young but started lifting weights at 12 and it continues to this day. I am hooked on exercise. I always loved being with my family. My mother had 5 sisters. My grandmother loved children and all the family gathered at her house on Saturdays. I don’t ever remember being unhappy. We never had a lot of money, but my mother saved and sacrificed to put me through dental school without debt, which was amazing. She loved me tremendously and I think she is the reason I can love deeply and sincerely. I am so thankful to have found a woman I can give this love to and be rewarded in turn. I know my wife and I can give this love to your baby.

We hope that this website will help you learn about who we are, how we live, and how much love we have to give to your baby.

We love children and we are completely ready to devote our lives to your child. We know that your baby will always be a part of you, and we are grateful for this most wonderful gift.


I (Ken) had been using dating services and for 5 years until Rossi agreed to let me take her out on July 1, 2006.  I knew after a wonderful dinner date that if I could possibly get her to give me a chance that I wouldn’t let her down. At first, she was hesitant. After a month of serious persistence, flowers, candy, and communication, she agreed to a second date. We were married on the beach in Connecticut in March of 2007. The last 14 years have been as good as it gets.

Rossi always has a smile on her face. She is genuine and sincere, loving, fun to be with, a devoted mother, patient, reliable and very responsible. She has such a great reputation as a skin pathologist and her professional accomplishments are enormous but the most important quality she has is her ability to love deeply and sincerely. Her interactions with all children are amazingly enthusiastic and fun. She would cherish your baby, nurture your baby, and support and encourage him or her to develop his or her full potential whatever that may be.

She is remarkably intelligent, persevering, and fun. She loves traveling and because she has trained over 50 foreign doctors and is asked to lecture all over the world, our traveling experiences are always made much more fun and informative by one or more of these local doctors.

She loves life, is almost always smiling and creating a happy atmosphere for those around her. She is very sincere, transparent, and revealing. For me, she is just perfect! We do disagree sometimes, but we have never had an argument that goes unresolved within minutes. I have never gone to sleep angry with her. Every morning we awake up, hug, and approach the day positively even if we know we will have to solve problems. For me she is the ideal companion, and all our friends notice how wonderful our relationship is. They all tell us how excited they are about our plans to adopt.

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Expenses Paid

Call/text 1-669-271-9091

Call/text 1-800-669-271-9091

Rossi’s thoughts on Ken

Ken is full of life and I have no doubt that he will be a wonderful father and role model to your baby.

Ken is everything I ever wanted in a husband and more! He is kind, loving, smart, optimistic, persevering, thoughtful, genuine and sincere, loyal and reliable. Ken is an experienced parent who raised 3 wonderful children and did a great job.

We discuss everything and make decisions together, both big and small. We wake up in the morning and hug each other. We are very thankful that we met and we're able to join our lives and be happy.

Initially Ken was not too much into traveling, but after we traveled together a few times, he started to enjoy it. We’ve had many wonderful trips throughout the world and plan to do more with your baby.

He’s such a lovable guy and I love him tremendously.

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